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I’ve photographed family portraits for years & years, but I still get a thrill creating something I know will mean so much to our clients. There is no substitute for those precious moments.

Gordon Reeves



Photography has always been a passion for me. Landscapes, sports, portraiture - I love it all, but I especially love the response of a parent viewing images of their loved ones for the first time. They realise they are wonderful, timeless memories.

Paul Fenn


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Whitehead Studios has a proud - and long - history of photographing portraits of Ipswich families. We have been creating ‘images to cherish forever’ since 1883. Our personnel and equipment might have changed over that period, but our passion and professionalism and creativity have not.

We create touching, memorable images of families, couples, individuals, kids, babies, pets - you name it. Want to see more of our stunning images? Visit our Portraits page.

Your Portraits - So Very Precious

From the moment you take possession of your treasured images - be they family portraits, wedding images, or baby images - they will grow in emotional value as time passes and those precious moments become distant memories. The only tangible ‘evidence’ of that time is your collection of images. So you need to be sure the responsibility of creating those memories rests with a photographer who will deliver exactly what you expect.

The Right Photographer For You?

Will Whitehead Studios be the right photographer for you? We’d like to think so, but if you haven’t decided yet (there are a lot of photographers in the White Pages aren’t there?), there are several things you should know to ask any photographer you are considering using.

Our goal is simple: We want your photographs to be perfect. Therefore, regardless of whether you decide to have us create your photographs or not, we still want you to know about the things most photographers don’t want you to know about.

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Our guarantee ensures that you will be thrilled with your images. If you are not thrilled, we will happily shoot extra images. If you are still not thrilled, we will refund your money.

That’s right - it is risk free!

If you are interested, you can read our entire guarantee.


Are people happy with our work? You be the judge.

“...with (the Whitehead’s photographer’s) expert input, the results were better than we imagined.”

“I was delighted with the results and I show them to all my visitors, who are also very impressed.”

“The resulting images were wonderful. Their staff was great to work with ...”

You can read more testimonials and view some of the great images on our Testimonials page.

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