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Below are galleries of some of our favourite portraits. Click on an image to open a gallery. (The galleries will open in a new window.)

The left hand images will open Flash galleries. If you have problems opening these, you can use the HTML galleries by clicking on the smaller, right hand images. (The galleries are identical, but the transitions aren’t as slick.)

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Families Gallery (Flash)

Images of family groups - big, small, young, old, indoors & outdoors. Happy times.


Families Gallery (HTML)
HTML gallery

Babies Gallery (Flash)

Images of boys, girls, clothed, unclothed, peaceful, comfortable, happy & not-so-happy. And really loved.


Babies Gallery (HTML)
HTML gallery

Kids Gallery (Flash)

Images of kids - clean, dirty, indoors, outdoors, mischievous & adorable. Look out world. Even includes a few furry friends who are treated like kids!


Kids Gallery (HTML)
HTML gallery

Youth Gallery (Flash)

Youth & High School Seniors
Images of young adults - male, female, confident, mature-yet-youthful, impressive. Tomorrow’s future looking good.


Youth Gallery (HTML)
HTML gallery


If you like what you see, you can check out the opinions of others who have had their portraits created by Whitehead Studios on our Testimonials page. (Opens in a new window.)

If you would like some more information about creating portraits, check out our Reports. (Opens in a new window.)

And to ensure your peace of mind, make sure you read our no-risk guarantee. (Opens in a new window.)

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